My thanks to a client for giving me this phrase as it applies to looking into the future. We have two beautiful River Birch trees in our backyard, and I love the way the wind moves through them. With a breath of a wind, the leaves tend to wiggle, reminding me of a hula skirt. As the wind picks up, the branches sway as though inviting one to dance. The big gusts bend the branches, and they are limber enough to bounce back with ease. I envy that tree.

That tree models the flexibility that we should all aspire to. The winds of life can be gentle or rough, and we all need to learn how to wiggle, dance, and bounce back. Think about the stressors and pressures that face you. Some are coping with irritation of minor changes or needs. The clock in the kitchen that hangs above the sink needs a new battery. That means climbing on the step ladder to remove the clock and making sure we have the right battery. Do I want to do this chore? No. Do I want the clock to work? Yes. Out comes the ladder.

Taking care of my health is important, and the New York Times reminds me that there are three vaccinations that are required before winter. Do I want to get shot in the arm three times? Can I get them altogether, or do I need to make separate trips? Will there be side effects with these shots? I really would like to say “Pass”. However, I don’t want to be taken down by any one of these nasty things, so I will make the time, find the places, and tolerate the side effects.

I admire that Birch tree’s ability to take deep bends and return to normal. Some parts of life are just heavy, and they push us to our limits, and then we discover that we still have a little bend left. The tree’s resilience is in its core, and so is mine and so is yours. We are stronger than we think. Our cores are made of the kindness of our friends, the support of our families, the lessons from past struggles, and our desire for the future. So, bring on the wind.