Every summer, we put out a hummingbird feeder. It is positioned so that we can see it from the kitchen table. The interesting part is that it always takes them a few weeks to find the thing. Once they do, they are regular visitors. They are predictable. As the summer comes to a close, they frequent the feeder more often. I understand they are “bulking up” for their migration. They will soon be headed to the Caribbean, and I truly envy them.

This morning, one of them came right up to the sliding glass door and hovered there staring at me as if to say: “Why are you sitting still? Why don’t you get ready?” Then, I had to wonder what am I ready for? I no longer go to school, so I can’t get ready for that like all the kids in the neighborhood. I am not migrating anywhere. In fact, I am likely to be planted here forever, like the giant Sycamore tree in the yard. I have deep roots and am not likely to move any time soon. So where does this bird expect me to go?!

Where do I expect myself to go? I am old, so my “go machine” may be rusty. Then I remembered that I go for connection. I want to be with others and enjoy their company. I want to laugh and tell stories and share the books I have been reading and the places I have been. I may not be headed to the Caribbean, but I am surely headed toward friends and comradery.

I know I have said this before, but it bears repeating. We are born connected to another person, and we spend our lives seeking connection to others. We are social beings, and we need connections to strengthen ourselves and prepare for the journey ahead. Our connections with others energize us, comfort and sustain us. We are social beings.

I am guessing that my curious hummingbird is also a social being, and just wanted to see if his inquiry would stir me to action.