Here in the Washington, DC area, we are experiencing a heat wave.  Even the electrical grid is complaining about rolling brownouts to keep the entire grid from exploding or imploding.  What would a grid do?  Now I know why the colonials died so young.  The weather can be brutal, and sap energy from your body, so your electrical grid gives out early.  Any time you start complaining about advancements like AI, remember that we do not have it so bad with all these advancements.

But the heat!  How does one take loving care of the body in this heat?  I remember Mother telling all of us to drink lots of fluids.  As a kid, that meant lots of water.  Many adults avoid water because they were forced to drink so much as kids.  Remember Kool-Aid?  I suppose it still exists.  That was my mother’s “go-to” to push water.  The little powder packets were easy to use, and the flavors were better than the plain water.  Toss in a bunch of ice cubes that you could crunch until some adult told you that you would break a tooth, and you were good to hydrate!

Another cooling trick was to soak a hand towel in icy water and drape that around your neck.  I always thought it looked gross, and I avoided it because the boys used it.  I am not sure why I assign a sex preference to that one, but I do.  I do not think I liked the inconvenience of the towel, and when it fell off in the dust or dirt, the boys would just put it back on!  Yuck!  What is it with boys, anyway?

Of course, wearing light, breezy clothing was a help.  It would be even better if it could be made of mesh or something holey.  I especially remember Seersucker.  Men’s suits for summer were always Seersucker, and since all of the girls sewed, we made seersucker shorts and shirts.  Something about the ripples in that cloth made the breezes come through.

Now we are all stuck inside with the Air Conditioning.  Do not get me wrong.  I am grateful for the AC, but yesterday, I put on the sweater hanging on a chair in the kitchen.  Really!  Even as I put it on, I thought this was stupid, but I felt better!  What is one to do with these modern conveniences?  Of course, you will tell me to adjust the thermostat, but if you live with other humans, you know where that is going.   I will choose the sweater every time.

I also hope for a break in this heat wave.  Be grateful for the invention of the Air Conditioner.  Make a pitcher of iced tea anyway.  Avoid the Kool-Aid.  And suffer through the corrections that AI will make to this essay.

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