Service Fees

Service Fees

Therapy is an investment in your future. Planning how you will pay for treatment is essential. Take time to examine your resources and make plans for this investment so that you are confident that you can reach your goals. You will be asked to provide charge card information to remain on file as a guarantee of payment.

Please check with your insurance carrier to ask about your mental health benefits. This will let you determine what the insurer will reimburse you for individual or couples therapy. You will be responsible for paying for services at the time of service and then you may file a claim with your carrier for reimbursement.

Parent Coordination is generally not reimbursable through your insurance carrier.

Couples and Invidual Therapy

Psychotherapy Fee
Couples OR Individual Therapy
60 minute session
Consultation with other Psychologist/Physicians (90887) $75/ ¼ hour
Report to other professionals (90889) $75/ ¼ hour
Review of past records (90885) $75/ ¼ hour
Consultation/Meetings with other professionals $75/ ¼ hour

Parent Coordination

Coordination Fee
Initial Evaluation Session 1 hour $350/session
Retainer if Charge Card is not provided $5000
Follow on Sessions $350/hour
Consultation with other professionals $100/ ¼ hour
Communication outside of sessions $100/ ¼ hour
Court Appearance $1000/hour minimum 5 hours