I have received calls from parents with that message on several different occasions. The next sentence is: “My teen is refusing to speak to someone. What do I do?” Let us look at the situation. Mom and/or Dad have identified a problem and generated a solution. This sounds perfectly normal and rational. If your teen has a fever, you call

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Did you see the excitement on the news over the Gray Whale spotted swimming in the Atlantic? This whale was thought to be extinct in the Atlantic and rare in the Pacific. Imagine! Extinct means gone! Dead! Disappeared! Nada! Then suddenly, there it is, swimming leisurely in the waters of the Atlantic. Where has this guy been? How did this

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Do you realize that each of you has a “Body of Work”? We tend to think that only famous people have Bodies of Work: books, poems, inventions, discoveries. However, the truth is that each and every one of us is building a “Body of Work” every day. Now is the time to take responsibility for yours. You have a body

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On the East Coast of the United States spring is a glorious season. Here, in the nation’s Capital, we have a special treat as we anticipate and enjoy the hundreds of Cherry Trees planted along the Tidal Basin. People come from miles away to experience the blossoms of these trees. Cameras are clicking away, brides are posing under the luscious

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Your femur, really!

Your femur is that long bone inside your thigh that goes from your hip joint to your knee joint and is critical in all aspects of walking, running, dancing, etc. Of course, all your bones are important and have evolved for specific purposes. However, the femur has a very special place in the history of man. According to Margaret Mead,

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Inner life, also referred to as our internal world of thoughts, emotions, and experiences, is an intricate system that plays a crucial role in shaping overall well-being and happiness. Although external aspects such as our career, relationships, and material possessions often garner more focus, our inner lives hold the power to truly transform and enrich our existence. Let’s examine the

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Did you know that there are 13 different classes of daffodils? Not me. Of course, I am familiar with the big yellow ones that come up in the early spring. We have a bunch of those that rise from the pachysandra that we have planted around the Japanese Cherry tree. These yellow beauties stand tall, and their trumpet shape seems

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This phrase is all over the Internet and it just makes me laugh. At the same time, this is such a good idea. Anyone on the path to growth can be found making better bad choices. That is how each of us grows! When I think about this for myself and my clients, I see how it fits. Every bad

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The other morning, I was brushing my teeth, and I remembered my sister’s story of doing the same in California. She reported that you never leave the water running while brushing your teeth. In fact, you barely wet your brush and barely rinse your brush when you finish and take a sip of water to rinse your mouth. The watertable

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Like, I mean Like…

“Like” has become an inseparable and essential component of our modern-day conversations, be it face-to-face meetings or social media interactions. Its use of “like” has pervaded “like” all spheres and cannot be “like” ignored. Sometimes, I think of it as the return of the “seven-year locusts” but as an everyday occurrence. Do you really want to step on those things

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Dr. Vanderhorst

Dr. Gloria K. Vanderhorst

My work with others has taught me that change is possible at any age. In my early work with children, I learned that our brains are creative as well as vast store houses of early experiences.