Educating the Child about his Brain – Understanding is the first step in taking charge

By Gloria Kay Vanderhorst, Ph.D. Neurocognitive Psychotherapy is a brain-based treatment approach that is a unique blend of cognitive-behavioral therapy and cognitive rehabilitation. This approach is a team approach based in the most recent research on brain functioning and ADHD. This article is the first in a series that will illustrate how neurocognitive psychotherapy is applied in treating children with

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ARE YOU A DADDY?My Dad carries his baseball glove in the trunk of his car. It is very old and battered. The padding has become thin with age. The fingers are short and stubby, not long and laced as in today’s gloves. Today’s gloves are made to reach above the fence and snatch a home run away from the batter.

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ADHD The Price We All Pay

ADHD: The Price We All Pay – An Argument for Early Identifiication and Treatment Gloria Kay Vanderhorst, Ph.D.ADHD is a life long condition. Like other chronic conditions, interventions lead to improvements and early interventions are beneficial. Edward Hallowell, M.D., a leading expert in ADHD, is a strong advocate for early identification because he recognizes the emotional damage caused by the

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Dr. Vanderhorst

Dr. Gloria K. Vanderhorst

My work with others has taught me that change is possible at any age. In my early work with children, I learned that our brains are creative as well as vast store houses of early experiences.