Couples Counseling

Emotion Focused Therapy is a breakthrough technique in working with couples and has a strong research base to demonstrate effectiveness. Finally, there is a road map to deepening connection and understanding the attachment needs of your partner. With this technique, each person can experience a sense of safety leading to a deeper understanding of the self and of their partner. As an EFT therapist, I am privileged to help couples improve their relationship and find lasting ways of connecting with each other.

Watch the leading researcher, Sue Johnson, Ph.D., explain how this technique works and why.

Individual Counseling

Working one on one with another is an intimate journey. Together we will explore the stressors that bring you into therapy, the thought and behavior patterns that sustain you or block you and the opportunities for growth that will relieve your symptoms and set you on a new path. The approach used in Internal Family Systems has a strong research base and a history of effectiveness.

The leading researcher in this field is Richard Schwartz, Ph.D. and these animations give an overview of why the system works.

Parent Coordination

When you request the assistance of a Parent Coordinator, you have come to a place where differences between two parents cannot be resolved without professional help. In all aspects of Parent Coordination, the interests of the child(ren) are primary. I will act to keep that focus primary throughout the discussions. I will also provide a safe forum of mutual respect for continued discussions and endeavor to bring a sense of structure and calm into the discussions. The goal of Parent Coordination is to assist you in making decisions together that will benefit your children.