Autism and Male Sperm

Jeremy Silverman, M.D. interviewed on NPR re: his recent studies on AUTISM Mt. Sinai School of Medicine: He has been studying the effect of the age of the father at conception on the incidence of autism. He used the Israeli data base (every person in Israel has to serve in the military so the intake process makes for a huge

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Divorce: Destruction versus Transformation

“The Ring of Fire” is one of Johnny Cash’s best known songs and while he was singing about falling in love, he could have just as easily been describing the experience of a litigated divorce. Litigation is a lethal force like a wild fire that consumes everything in its path: money, time, relationships, personality, children, friends, etc. A litigated divorce

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Co-Parenting: Can It Be Done?

When Mom and Dad divorce, the children frequently lose their parents in important ways. In the course of the divorce, the parents have frequently destroyed any good will that may have existed between them and they are now faced with moving into a world complicated by two households, confusing schedules, difficult communication and varying agendas. The idea of saying “No”

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Keys to Successful Mediation: Understanding Brain Wiring and the Complex Listening Dynamic by Ellen Kandell, Gloria Vanderhorst Supporting Effective Agreement Click Here to Print This Close window Mediators know all too well that their clients can take positional stances that are hostile and effectively block the creative thinking necessary to reach an equitable settlement. Positional stances taken by clients and

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The following article appeared recently in the Washington Post and gives personal information from Regina DeMeo, a family attorney in Bethesda and a Collaboratively trained expert. THE PROFESSIONALAfter a lawyer’s own split, a different approach to divorceby Ellen McCarthy It used to be all business for divorce lawyer Regina DeMeo. Her approach was always the same: “This is a partnership

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Are You Divorcing?

ARE YOU DIVORCING? CHOOSE A WAY Your marriage is in trouble and you want out. The first thing that you think about is finding a lawyer and battling your way through the process. Don’t be so quick to open the Yellow Pages. First, do some research. Divorce can be done in at least 4 ways: Pro Se, Litigation, Mediation or

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VOTE ‘TIL THE COWS COME HOME Gloria Kay Vanderhorst, Ph.D. 8701 Georgia Avenue Suite 713 Silver Spring, Maryland 20910 In the 1960’s family meetings were the latest technique for including the children in the process of family decision making. I remember the experience in my own family with some fondness. Four children, two parents and the occasional “live in” school

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Educating the Child about his Brain – Understanding is the first step in taking charge

By Gloria Kay Vanderhorst, Ph.D. Neurocognitive Psychotherapy is a brain-based treatment approach that is a unique blend of cognitive-behavioral therapy and cognitive rehabilitation. This approach is a team approach based in the most recent research on brain functioning and ADHD. This article is the first in a series that will illustrate how neurocognitive psychotherapy is applied in treating children with

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Dr. Vanderhorst

Dr. Gloria K. Vanderhorst

My work with others has taught me that change is possible at any age. In my early work with children, I learned that our brains are creative as well as vast store houses of early experiences.